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California Black Market Cosmetic Surgery Brings Deadly Consequences

All women want to be beautiful, but some push a little too hard and find out that the price for beauty is quite high indeed. This is exactly what happened to Claudia Adermotimi. She made the long, trans-Atlantic journey from England to California because she hoped to get a popular form of plastic surgery that would make her buttocks fuller than the what nature had given to her. Unlike some women who go to a reputable plastic surgery clinic to have the procedure done, Adermontimi decided to meet up with her “surgical team” in a California hotel. She hoped that by engaging in some black market cosmetic surgery, she’d save a large amount of money.

The surgery took place at the Hampton Inn that’s located quite close to the airport, making it the perfect stopping point for both business professionals and individuals who can’t wait to have their plastic surgery completed. Arrangements were made for both Adermontimi and a close personal friend of hers who also wanted the same procedure done to meet in room 425.

Although no one knows exactly when the surgery was performed on the two women, investigators report that within 12 hours of the time that the room was originally booked, Adermontimi began to complain about chest pain. The pain grew so intense that the hotel sent of a medic, who promptly made arrangements for her to be taken to Mercy Fitzgerald Hospital. Adermontimi was admitted into the hospital on Monday. She died sometime early Tuesday morning.

California investigators wasted no time launching an investigation. They discovered that the unqualified plastic surgeons charged Adermontimi and her friend about $2,000. Police also believe that the woman who “performed the surgery” used silicone that she injected into both women’s buttocks. What investigators don’t understand why Adermontimi succumbed to death, while her friend appears to be the very picture of good health.

Adermontimi’s story is not a new one. The combination of people’s desire to look a certain way, combined with the high cost of legal plastic surgery, makes it easy for scam artists to attract people to their black market services. Many of these unlicensed, untrained individuals who are offering their services to desperate clients use silicone to achieve the desired look. What they don’t realize is just how dangerous the substance is. If the silicone enters the bloodstream and reaches the hear or lungs, the results are often deadly. According to information compiled by the US Food and Drug Admiration, black market silicone injections lead to a wide assortment of health problems that include fatal blood embolisms, auto-immune dysfunctions, kidney problems, and disfigurement.

Authorities are cracking down on those that provide illicit plastic surgeries such as the one that attracted Adermontimi to the California hotel. A professional model was arrested in New Jersey when authorities discovered she was charging for silicone injections which sent at least 6 of her “clients” to the emergency room to receive treatments for severe infections.

“If you have been the victim of a black market and highly illegal plastic surgery scam that has compromised your health, you can press criminal charges against the person who conducted the surgery. You’re also entitled to pursue a civil personal injury case which could result in a settlement that can be used to restore your financial health,” said Drew Warren, a leading medical malpractice lawyer in California.






Defective Product Attorney Hired in Airplane Crash Lawsuit


A defective product attorney was called when the family of Lewis A. Katz was killed in a plane crash. Katz was the owner of the well-known newspaper, the Philadelphia Inquirer, a bastion of Philadelphia news for over a century. Katz and seven other unnamed individuals were killed when the plane failed shortly after take-off from an airport in Boston. Katz’s family is currently seeking financial restitution for loss of their loved one.

a6Katz was seventy-two years old at the time. Typically, compensation received as a result of wrongful death by defective products, are calculated using the “potential earning” of the deceased party. These calculations generally consider things like inflation, future salary. In Katz case, his future earnings could actually be enormous. He was at the age at which most people are comfortably retired, but since he was the owner of a large newspaper, his earning potential was much greater than the average person.

There are other factors, though, that go beyond the rather simple “future earnings” idea. Attorneys often argue that there is simply no way to replace a loved one with money, no matter how much of it you are able to collect. Most would agree that this is completely true, but people still want to be repaid in some way for the loss of their loved one. Certain attorneys are specialists in the matter of estimating just “how much” that loved one meant to you in terms of a fixed dollar amount, to be paid by the defendants.

The defective product in this case was the plane that crashed, as a result of malfunctioning gust locks. These particular pieces are an in-flight device that ensures the safety of the airplane after it takes off. It was evident that the pilots did not check the flight controls, or they would have seen that the gust locks were on. After all the rigorous training that a pilot endures, they know that the gust locks should be off in order to ensure a safe flight. If the proper procedures had been executed, it could have easily saved the lives of these eight individuals.

In this case, a defective product attorney was able to identify the specific product problem that was involved in the crash. If a defective product attorney had not been involved, it might have appeared as if it was just a normal plane crash. These specialized attorneys can also distinguish between what is simple negligence and what is product failure. After careful investigation, it was determined that the cause of this crash was a product error and not human error, even though human error was involved.

When it comes to tragic cases that provoke large collisions and death, hire an attorney that specializes in defending individuals that are hurt as a result of defective products. The right counsel will ensure that the victim or the family of the victim receives justice, even if it is only financial. It is wise to choose a local defense attorney. A local counselor will understand the legal construct of the area. If you are in Tampa, advise selection



Millennials, It’s Time to Get Serious About Taxes!

It’s January, which means that April 15th will be here before you know it. This means that now is the time when millennials need to be thinking about their taxes. The biggest problem that millennials face during this time of year is that they simply don’t have much experience filing tax returns. Most are just now reaching the point where they have property taxes and other tax returns besides just basic income taxes to worry about. The good news is that there are a few things you can do to make filing your 2015 tax returns easy.

Start Early

Don’t even think about waiting until April 14th to start doing your taxes. The closer you are to the April 15th deadline, the greater the chances are that you’ll make a mistake that could cost you a large sum of money. Schedule a block of time this weekend to do your taxes and continue to work on them every single weekend until they’re completed.

Don’t Underestimate the Importance of Organization

If you don’t already have all of your finances organized, you need to get organized now. Create a filing system that allows you easily access all of your financial information. Keep all of these files in one place. Once you’ve organized all of your financial information, keep it organized throughout the upcoming year so that in January 2017, you’re ready to do your taxes.

Learn About Tax Laws

The great thing about this time of year is that many CPA’s and tax attorneys are doing educational seminars and workshops. You want to take advantage of these opportunities. The information you learn at this events could save you from making a costly mistake when you file your taxes. Don’t assume that just because you went to a workshop last year, that you don’t have to attend one this year. Tax laws are constantly changing and it’s in your best interest to stay current.

Meet With Your Accountant and Learn About Deductions

A surprising number of millennials have no idea what they can use as a deduction and what they can’t. Some don’t even know if they qualify for an Earned Income Tax Credit or how their health insurance plan impacts their taxes. The best way to learn all of this information is by meeting with an accountant and having them go over the deductions with you one by one. You should also book an appointment with your account for late in the fall of 2016 so you can discuss what purchases you can make and claim as deductions.

What if You Owe Back Taxes

If you are one of the 1% of American tax payers who gets audited and the IRS determines that you owe back taxes, the best thing you can do is hiring an experienced tax attorney who will help sort out the situation. These attorneys have the experience and connections needed to negotiate a settlement or help you apply for an IRS Offer of Compromise.




The Growing Cases of Product Liability in Our Food

We’ve all probably noticed an uptick in food safety announcements on the news or in the papers. With Chipotle staring down headlines after several outbreaks this year and another peanut butter recall hitting the shelves, it’s pretty hard to ignore. E. Coli, Salmonella, and Botulism have all made the primetime news, ending up in mass-produced food and unknowingly consumed by hungry customers. While many of these cases end in recovery, there have been many unfortunate deaths from tainted food. 


Food poisoning from poorly prepared food falls under product liability and personal injury law. The public should reasonably be able to assume that food sold to them is free of dangerous bacteria. When a company makes a food product that is tainted during the manufacturing process and fails to discover the tainted product through quality testing, they are selling a defective product.


When a company knowingly uses bad peanuts—well, that’s another case altogether. 


From Peanuts to Prison

The largest case to date dealing with a food poisoning outbreak stretches back about seven years ago to a salmonella outbreak caused by peanut butter. Stewart Parnell and Michael Parnell, the owner of Peanut Corporation of America and the food broker for the company, respectively, were convicted in 2014 of fraud and many other federal charges. They received the stiffest punishments to date for their role in selling tainted food to the public.


Unfortunately, the long prison times the brothers will be facing in the landmark case against Peanut Corporation of America does little for those who lost family members because of the tainted peanut butter. Over 714 people fell ill and 9 people died after eating the contaminated nut butter. In addition to the criminal court system, these individuals can sue the Parnell’s and the Peanut Corporation of America under personal injury law. Not only did their product injure people, resulting in lost work and medical bills, but it lead to the wrongful deaths of 9 loved ones.


Food safety is extremely important. There are specific regulations for preparing and packaging foods aimed at protecting consumers. When a trusted company like Peanut Corporation of America sidesteps those regulations to make money and endanger the lives of Americans, they should be held liable, not only in criminal court, but also in civil court. This is where knowing a great New York personal injury lawyer comes in.


Peanut butter isn’t the only culprit. Tainted beef and greens, among other foods, have been sold to the public in the past few years. And while some of this contaminated foods only lead to short bout of food poisoning, others have lead to life-changing illnesses and even death. If you think you’ve been adversely affected by a food product, your first step should be speaking with a New York personal injury lawyer. Chances are, you’re not alone. A free consultation with a New York personal injury lawyer will help you better understand your rights and whether or not you have a case. Just like Peanut Corporation of America, companies that negligently sell tainted foods to the public should be held responsible.