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Department of Social Services Faces Lawsuit Following Infant’s Wrongful Death

The very last place the South Florida Department of John Bales Attorneys Social Services wanted to find itself was facing a wrongful death lawsuit following the death of an infant, yet that’s exactly what they’re doing.

The infant in question is Kameron Ellis who spend a month in a coma before he passed away. His family claims that had the Department of Social Services (DSS) done their duty, Kameron would have been removed from the abusive situation he’d been living in long before he sustained the injuries that led to his death.


When a report was first filed, everyone involved with Kameron including his mother, her mother, and the mother’s boyfriend were quick to tell the authorities that the injuries were sustained when the child started to have a seizure and fell off the couch he’d been on, however when Kameron was admitted to the hospital, doctors discovered that there was no way his injuries could have been sustained in a fall.

It was eventually determined that the actual cause of the injuries was Shaken Syndrome. Further probing revealed that neither Kameron’s mother or her boyfriend were home at the time Kameron was injured, that he was in fact alone with his grandmother. Eventually, police learned that she convinced both of the other adults to lie to the police because she was already under DSS investigating at the time. When the truth came out, police arrested Ellis and charged her with the Unlawful Neglect of a Child.

tshakenbaby0031“This is exactly the type of case that breaks my heart,” said Attorney Joseph Sandefur of South Florida’s top personal injury firm “The government established things like the Department of Social Services in order to protect those who are unable to protect themselves. To see the system breakdown so badly … it’s devastating.”

A wrongful death case is filed whenever it’s believed that someone should have done something to prevent a death from happening. In this case, it’s clear that the plaintiff is convinced that had the DSS done their job and removed Kameron from his grandmother’s care, the child would still be alive today.

While the lawsuit won’t restore the lost loved one back to life, it does help ease some of the pain the plaintiff experiences as a result of the loss. Different cases provide the plaintiff with different settlement options. In this particular case, the plaintiff is asking for a settlement that will cover grief, damages for economics loss, deprivation of love, funeral expenses, and mental anguish.

wrongful-death-lawsuit-300x200Because of the complex nature of wrongful death lawsuits, no one should file the paperwork in their local civil court until they’ve had an opportunity to meet with a good personal injury lawyer. Your lawyer will help you do things such as determining who should be named in the lawsuit, how large a settlement you should ask for, and helping collect the evidence needed to prove your side of the case.

More often than not, wrongful death cases don’t go to trial and are solved during the negotiation process. Visit if you have any questions about wrongful death claims.

Couple Threatened with Gun While On Motorcycle

Police in Key West supposedly arrested a man who is accused of using a gun to threaten a couple while they were on their motorcycle. Christy and Robert Velasquez were riding south on their motorcycle a they crossed Seven Mile Bridge. They drove past a Cadillac pickup truck driven by Mathew Ferro, never dreaming this familiar act would trigger a bizarre action.


According to reports, The Velasquez’s didn’t move to pass Ferro until the vehicles reached Bahia Honda Bridge. Ferro stepped hard on the gas and raced past the couple. Everyone exchange a exclamatory hand gestures as the truck sailed past the couple on the bike. The couple said that Ferro’s actions nearly forced them off the road.

When everyone reached the Key Deer Boulevard and U.S. 1 intersection, insults were exchanged and tempers rose. Ferro raised a gun and swung it in the direction of the Vaelasquez’s. Started and worried, the wasted no time calling 911.

When deputies spotted Ferro e was driving near mile maker 23. They pulled him over and found his loaded Ruger revolver on the floor of his pickup.

Ferro was arrested and charged with three counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

scozzaro_law_background-300x200“This sounds like a case of road rage on both sides that could have gotten out of hand, resulting in a tragic ending,” commented Joe and Martin managing partner of Law Firm with an office headquartered in Myrtle Beach. “I think it’s very lucky that the couple on the bike didn’t let their tempers get the better of them and that they called 911 instead of continuing to antagonize the armed driver. That call might very well have saved their lives.”

Joe and Martin wants drivers to remember that they’re responsible for keeping themselves safe while on the road. “Every single day I hear about at least one case of road rage, which is just sad. From what I can tell is that if just one person had controlled their temper instead of engaging in hostile acts, no on one would have been hurt.

No matter how much someone might antagonize you or irritate you with their driving behavior, do not lower yourself to their level. Focus on your own driving and call the cops. All you have to do is provide the police with a brief description of the driver’s behavior and the license plate number and they will take care of everything else.”

Even when you practice extreme care, there’s always a chance that you could be involved in an accident that results in your getting injured. After you get checked out by your doctor, you’ll want to arrange for a consultation meeting with a private injury lawyer. They’ll listen to the details of your case and advise you as to whether or not you should pursue a settlement that would help you pay your medical bills, reimburse you for lost wages, and restore your damaged property. For more information, contact an experienced personal injury attorney. Or just follow us and you will receive all the information that you need to know about this topic. We will try to cover all needed facts and informations.