Defective Product Attorney Hired in Airplane Crash Lawsuit


A defective product attorney was called when the family of Lewis A. Katz was killed in a plane crash. Katz was the owner of the well-known newspaper, the Philadelphia Inquirer, a bastion of Philadelphia news for over a century. Katz and seven other unnamed individuals were killed when the plane failed shortly after take-off from an airport in Boston. Katz’s family is currently seeking financial restitution for loss of their loved one.

a6Katz was seventy-two years old at the time. Typically, compensation received as a result of wrongful death by defective products, are calculated using the “potential earning” of the deceased party. These calculations generally consider things like inflation, future salary. In Katz case, his future earnings could actually be enormous. He was at the age at which most people are comfortably retired, but since he was the owner of a large newspaper, his earning potential was much greater than the average person.

There are other factors, though, that go beyond the rather simple “future earnings” idea. Attorneys often argue that there is simply no way to replace a loved one with money, no matter how much of it you are able to collect. Most would agree that this is completely true, but people still want to be repaid in some way for the loss of their loved one. Certain attorneys are specialists in the matter of estimating just “how much” that loved one meant to you in terms of a fixed dollar amount, to be paid by the defendants.

The defective product in this case was the plane that crashed, as a result of malfunctioning gust locks. These particular pieces are an in-flight device that ensures the safety of the airplane after it takes off. It was evident that the pilots did not check the flight controls, or they would have seen that the gust locks were on. After all the rigorous training that a pilot endures, they know that the gust locks should be off in order to ensure a safe flight. If the proper procedures had been executed, it could have easily saved the lives of these eight individuals.

In this case, a defective product attorney was able to identify the specific product problem that was involved in the crash. If a defective product attorney had not been involved, it might have appeared as if it was just a normal plane crash. These specialized attorneys can also distinguish between what is simple negligence and what is product failure. After careful investigation, it was determined that the cause of this crash was a product error and not human error, even though human error was involved.

When it comes to tragic cases that provoke large collisions and death, hire an attorney that specializes in defending individuals that are hurt as a result of defective products. The right counsel will ensure that the victim or the family of the victim receives justice, even if it is only financial. It is wise to choose a local defense attorney. A local counselor will understand the legal construct of the area. If you are in Tampa, advise selection